10 Stupid Actions of Baby Boomers That Have Made Life Pretty Difficult For Gen Zs and Younger Millennials

Misjudged Economic Policies

Baby Boomers’ financial habits, often characterized by excessive consumption, led to ballooning debt and dwindling savings.

Education Cuts

Investment in education significantly decreased under the Baby Boomer influence, leading to skyrocketing tuition rates.

Shift Towards Unpaid Internships

The transition from entry-level jobs to unpaid internships, propagated by Baby Boomers, has imposed immense challenges on young professionals.

Ignoring Discrimination

Baby Boomers often opted for colorblindness instead of addressing racial discrimination head-on. This avoidance stifled productive conversations about racism, significantly hindering progress toward achieving racial equality.

Housing Market Complexities

Due to Baby Boomers’ financial recklessness, the housing market poses a significant challenge for Gen Z.

Unchanged Standard Salaries

Baby Boomers undervalued their employees, frequently dismissing the need for salary increases.

Draining Social Security Resources

Baby Boomers took a significant share of Social Security benefits, leaving future generations in a lurch.

Skyrocketing College Costs

Higher education costs have soared, imposing a hefty financial burden on Gen Z. Aspiring students face an escalating debt crisis, making college education increasingly unaffordable.

Dwindling Food Regulations

The supermarket boom, a significant trend during the Baby Boomer era, led to declining food regulations.

Environmental Impact

Baby Boomers’ environmental policies caused lasting damage to the planet, leaving Gen Z and future generations with the task of rectifying these errors.