You're overdoing cardio

While most people do not need to worry about too much cardio, if you are consistently doing hours of cardio each day and neglecting other forms of exercise.

You're neglecting strength training

In line with item #1, strength training is an absolute must for ensuring you maintain your muscle tone, balance, bone strength, and overall mobility as you age.

You're skipping stretching and mobility work

Flexibility and mobility often take a back seat in many fitness routines, but they are essential for maintaining a full range of motion in your joints.

You're ignoring pain

If you "feel it" in your knee or lower back when performing a given exercise, stop, check you are doing the proper form.

You're not getting adequate hydration

Your body needs water to regulate temperature, transport nutrients, and maintain joint health. Despite this, many of us do not drink enough water each day.

You're ignoring nutrition

No matter how hard you work out, you must fuel your body with the proper nutrients, like protein and carbs, to see your desired results. That's why eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits.

You're not warming up or cooling down

Warming up and cooling down help gradually raise and lower your heart rate, which is a plus for your cardiovascular system.

You're not prioritizing sleep

Sleep is always a crucial part of overall health, and building good sleep habits … will help ensure you recover properly from your workouts and daily life.

You're only using machines

Machines give a false sense of security. They seem safer, but they force you into rigid movements and fail to build the stability, balance, and coordination that comes from non-machine movements.